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CP3-20-42: Automated one-loop computations in the SMEFT
CĂ©line Degrande, Gauthier Durieux, Fabio Maltoni, Ken Mimasu, Eleni Vryonidou and Cen Zhang

Refereed paper. August 26.
CP3-20-22: Light and Darkness: consistently coupling dark matter to photons via effective operators
Chiara Arina, Andrew Cheek, Ken Mimasu and Luca Pagani

Refereed paper. May 20.
CP3-20-07: Report from Working Group 2 : Higgs Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
Cepeda, M. and others

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Public experimental note. January 26.


CP3-19-49: Enlarging the scope of resonant di-Higgs searches: Hunting for Higgs-to-Higgs cascades in $4b$ final states at the LHC and future colliders
D. Barducci, K. Mimasu, J. M. No, C. Vernieri and J. Zurita

Refereed paper. October 14.
CP3-19-47: Modified interactions in the top-quark electroweak sector: exploiting unitarity violating effects at the amplitude level to probe New Physics
Luca Mantani, Ken Mimasu, Fabio Maltoni

Contribution to proceedings. October 11.

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