Davide Pagani

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Phenomenology of elementary particles

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Electroweak corrections
Fabio Maltoni

Automation of the calculation of NLO Electroweak corrections and phenomenological studies of their impact on Standard-Model and Beyond-the-Standard-Model processes at colliders.

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CP3-18-17: Constraining the Higgs self-couplings at e$^{+}$e$^{−}$ colliders
Maltoni, Fabio and Pagani, Davide and Zhao, Xiaoran

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Refereed paper. February 20.


CP3-17-37: Trilinear Higgs coupling determination via single-Higgs differential measurements at the LHC
Maltoni, Fabio and Pagani, Davide and Shivaji, Ambresh and Zhao, Xiaoran

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Submitted to EPJC.
Refereed paper. September 18.


CP3-16-60: The complete NLO corrections to dijet hadroproduction
Frederix, Rikkert and Frixione, Stefano and Hirschi, Valentin and Pagani, Davide and Shao, Hua-Sheng and Zaro, Marco

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Refereed paper. December 10.
CP3-16-38: Probing the Higgs self coupling via single Higgs production at the LHC
G. Degrassi, P.P. Giardino, F. Maltoni, D. Pagani

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refereed paper
Refereed paper. July 14.
CP3-16-28: The impact of the photon PDF and electroweak corrections on $t \bar t$ distributions
Davide Pagani, Ioannis Tsinikos, Marco Zaro

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in Eur.Phys.J. C76 (2016) no.9, 479
Refereed paper. June 6.

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