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CP3-13-45: The Technicolor Higgs in the Light of LHC Data
Alexander Belyaev, Matthew S. Brown, Roshan foadi, and Mads T. Frandsen

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Refereed paper. September 10.


CP3-12-49: Light Higgs from Scalar See-Saw in Technicolor
Foadi, Roshan and Frandsen, Mads T.

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Refereed paper. December 4.
CP3-12-46: 125 GeV Higgs from a not so Light Technicolor Scalar
Roshan Foadi, Mads T. Frandsen, Francesco Sannino

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Refereed paper. November 7.
CP3-12-37: Probing Near-Conformal Technicolor through Weak Boson Scattering
Franzosi, Diogo Buarque and Foadi, Roshan

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Refereed paper. September 27.
CP3-12-33: S and T Parameters from a Light Nonstandard Higgs versus Near Conformal Dynamics
Roshan Foadi and Francesco Sannino

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Published in PRD.
Refereed paper. July 9.